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Since I never done one on my first account here is one now:

I am a nerd born in the early 80s. My pronouns are he/him.

During the weekdays I get paid to play around with computers and networks. Coincidentally that is what I like to play around with in my free time too.

I know how to use a soldering iron and I am also a licensed hamradio operator but I live in a large city and can't put up an antenna.

When I have enough of electronics I sometimes make my own mead and cider.

Still a little sad that I missed ID 1337 by 1 when registering it 😄

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Our (v1) probe in the office turned 11 today. Happy birthday little one 🥳

"Today I learned that aggressive goats have to wear pool noodles and it feels like information I should share."

Random shit I find cleaning my apartment - part 2. Flashing microcontrollers surely got easier over the years.

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Nice, 13 finally supports per app language settings. Only that not a single non-google app on my phone does 🤦‍♂️

Eines Tages wird Skynet erwachen und die Computer der Welt übernehmen. Nur in Deutschland hört es aus der Leitung das Pfeifen einen Faxgerätes und ehe es sich versieht, wird es ausgedruckt und abgeheftet. Niemand wird wissen, dass die deutsche #Digitalisierung die Welt gerettet hat!

(Falls das bekannt vorkommt: Ist von mir, ich darf das.)

I just realized if I properly cleaned up my bedroom I could build a "giant" desk for my computer in there (compared to the tiny one in my living room). But then I would have that giant heater of a computer in my bedroom - which I like to be really cold :(

i would just like to point out that in 2022, there is literally no technical justification for asymmetric internet connectivity: docsis 3.1 and later can support multi-gigabit symmetric connections, as can PON networks.

no, DSL does not count as justification in 2022.

Hab ich gerade meinen Fernseher angeschrien weil da jemand ein Sandwich horizontal statt diagonal geschnitten hatte? Vielleicht 🙊

TFW you're in a browser based remote shell and you press Ctrl-U or Ctrl-W.

I just installed an alternative firmware on my soldering iron. A quiet voice in my head is asking: why? 😅

Still testing positive for after more than a week. Unfortunately this means no for me :(

Anybody in need of a ticket, drop me an email:


Has anyone done a #OSMAnd overlay showing the #MCH2022 camp ground layout? #openstreetmap


Hab ich es also auch endlich geschafft. Ich - der Dude der eine FFP3 Maske anzieht für die 5 Meter um die Post aus dem Hausflur zu holen.

Letzter PCR Test am Mittwoch war noch negativ, der von heute steht noch aus - aber ich mache mir da nicht viel Hoffnung dass das gerade zwei false positives sind.

Der false negative in der Mitte zeigt auch: kauft euch vernünftige Schnelltests. 62% sind nicht ausreichend (das in der Mitte ist ein Safecare Test, die anderen beiden sind Longsee Tests).

Since is coming up I got myself a new toy. Looking forward to testing it.

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