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Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea:

Started a "small" video project after finishing work today and now it is already 10pm and I completely forgot to eat 🙈

Heute mal was verrücktes gemacht und eine abgeholt die nichts mit Corona zu tun hat.

Finally deleted my account, not going to miss it :)

Just finished watching , what kind of lame ass ending was that? I just wish I had skipped the last episode 🙄

Why does every tutorial have to be a video nowadays? I don't want to watch your 30 minute videos for something that could've be written down on a page or two 🙄

I hate that I have so much content in my timeline. Now I want to get one too 😂

Anybody built a mastodon client for it yet?

Any here doing raw development on ?

What software should I look into? So far I found and (both of which don't seem to be really maintained anymore, last releases were 5 and 2 years ago) and .

I don't really need anything fancy, just lens and sensor correction (which all tools seem to be doing via ), white balance and exposure correction, a bit of color management and batch processing - which I supposed all tools offer anyway.

If I was to sell electronics I would probably not use a picture of a module with rusted pin headers and dust all over it 🙈

I've been wondering for a day now why I can reach my homeassistant only via internet but not via WiFi. Turns out my access point just decided not to route packets anymore for whatever reason (and my homeassistant doesn't have a DNS entry for legacy IP). Dafuq?

Damit der Montag nicht ganz so schlimm beginnt, ist hier eine Ziege namens Penny mit ihrem Baby (Halfpenny) für euch 😍😍😍


Finally found a LED controller that actually works with my Ikea gateway and my old 3 channel RGB LED stripes 🎉

Falls jemand ähnlich nostalgisch veranlagt ist wie ich: Hier hat jemand die Sun Logos aus den Fimwares extrahiert, die man im openboot prom beim starten ner Sparc sieht:
Collection of Sun framebuffer logos for your viewing pleasure.

Just watched something on Amazon prime for the first time in ages. It was supposed to be UHD but the video quality is just horrible, even Netflix 1080p stuff looks way better. Hell even a DVD probably looks better. That is exactly why I usually avoid using prime 🙈 Guess I'll just order the Blu-ray.

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